Content is STILL King

Content is STILL King
When it comes to organic traffic, content is still king.

The world has come a long way from the days when businesses rely on door-to-door contact with leads and telemarketing as their only marketing tools or approach available to them especially since the advent of the internet and digital technology and the significant changes in the way we do business that followed.

Surely, the advances in technology have been significant in the world of marketing especially as we see the emergence of advanced tools that a lot of brands are utilizing to stay ahead of the competition and claim the coveted top spot in their various markets or industries. However, despite the benefits of these savvy marketing technologies (that seem to always keep getting better) and how efficient they are, we simply can’t ignore the relevance of quality content marketing to businesses today or as a certain billionaire businessman aptly put it- “content is king” and we will double down on that and say it still very well is.

Whether it is through videos, photos, prints, social media/blog posts, even memes and GIFS, and all other types of contents, brands are investing in and leveraging on one or several of these types of contents to shore up their marketing strategies, generate leads or improve their visibility.

Because success is quantifiable, we will not just take simply the words of Bill Gates (even though he obviously knows what he is talking about), let’s quickly take a look at the numbers and what they reveal about the relevance of content marketing to modern business entities.

One statistic (Demand Metric) showed that up to 70% of people using the internet prefer to learn about or get information about a brand from blog posts or articles.

Another statistic (HubSpot) revealed that 52% of millennials want to see videos from brands they patronize. Others show that; by 2021 more than 80% of internet traffic will be video (Cisco), up to 73% of consumers make admit that their shopping decisions are impacted by a brands social media presence (Animoto), content marketing helps generate 3 times more lead than outbound marketing and cost 62% less (Demand metric).

There is a wealth of statistics that suggest that content marketing is still crucial to the success of brands and why they should invest in that area.

Content Marketing Meets SEO

Now that we consulted the numbers and they have agreed with our suspicions, it is important for brands to understand that to improve the success of their content marketing campaigns, they have to have optimized their contents using SEO (search engine optimization) as this is the best way to have more people see your content.

This is because, if content creation is about getting people informed about topics that are important to them and also to know about your brand through informative and engaging contents, SEO gives the content the chance to come up on SERPs (search engine return pages) when they search for relevant information online.

This is why content marketing and SEO are considered by marketing leads and business owners as a match made in business heaven… or so to speak.
So, if this is all is understood, you might no doubt be thinking, how exactly does this practically benefit my business?

Importance of SEO Enhanced Content Marketing

Creates More Brand Awareness

In modern times, we have seen an astronomical amount of business making the transition and taking their brands online but while this trend is very exciting, this has led to an increase in competition which is more telling for emerging or the smaller business entities as they seek to stand out and get people to know about them and what they can offer.

Creating reliable, helpful, and engaging content that contains industry-relevant keywords is one way that brands can get people to know about them as customers search for information that is relevant to them.

Pushes Traffic Numbers Up

If you have invested in building a business website, this investment might not get the desired return on investment if you are not able to get people to visit your website and view the services or products that your brand offers.

If you have invested in a sound content marketing strategy that utilizes SEO techniques, customers are more likely to visit your page when they execute searches relating to the services you offer which in turn drives your website’s traffic numbers and position your business in the best position to achieve success. Creating and providing great content is the most cost-effective way to organically grow your website’s traffic.

Helps Build A Great Relationship with Customers

These are exciting times for sure, especially for the customer as they have more options available to them from the comfort of their homes and businesses vying for their attention and patronage.

This is a fact and a reason why brands are paying more attention to what the customer wants. Well, the modern customer only wants to do business with brands they can trust and care about them.

By consistently providing engaging and helpful content on their websites and social media channels, brands aren’t only able to improve their online presence but also get their customers to trust them and keep coming back for more.

It Impacts Lead Generation and Conversion Rates

Talking about brand awareness and website traffic is important but how exactly does this financially benefit your business? Well, all that benefits your business because more traffic simply means more leads, which means that more potential paying customers.

As one of the statistics early highlighted shows, content marketing not only costs significantly less, it generates 3x more lead than other conventional marketing strategies like search ads.

Furthermore, content marketing doesn’t only positively impact lead generation it also improves conversion rates; this means that customers are not just visiting your website, checking out your services, or contacting your brand, more of them are actually completing the sales cycle and paying for your services.

There are so many other benefits that content marketing executed with SEO holds for brands like yours and this is why we predict that in the years to come more brands will be investing in content marketing to take their businesses to the next level and sustaining their successes.

Content marketing is here to stay and this is why building your business tactic with it should position your brand on top and get it to outperform the competition.

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